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Intercultural Voices

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Intercultural Resource Pack

A Resource Pack for developing Intercultural Competence

This pack is intended to be shared among the whole ELT community, for everybody to benefit from it. All of you are invited to download the entire by clicking in the image. It would be great if you could all give us feedback on the activities in the pack as you use them.

Introduction by John Corbett

Professor of Applied Language Studies.
University of Glasgow

It is a pleasure and a privilege to introduce this resource pack, which has been designed to support teachers and learners of English in their intercultural explorations of language. Intercultural language education is becoming increasingly visible in courses and classrooms around the world, and the materials gathered here demonstrate the excitement and energy of intercultural language learning. But why has language learning ‘gone intercultural’?

Know the Authors

This pack represents the outcome of a project proposal started at the Hornby Summer School Brazil 2006. It was funded by the British Council/ELTeCS Scheme and developed by the following ELT professionals



InterCultural Awareness

“English as a Global Language” has brought some changes for the ELT context worldwide. Global issues have raised the need for people to be able to communicate effectively in English with the most diverse community of English speakers around the world. Thus, awareness of this cultural diversity and being able to work within such diversityContinue reading “InterCultural Awareness”

The aim

  – Awareness of self and others based on an understanding of how members of a community construct their own world accounting for competent communicators in a globalized world. The Resource Pack would promote Intercultural Competence and Awareness in the ELT classroom in Latin America, by assisting students and teachers in understanding and learning moreContinue reading “The aim”

Sections of the Pack

This work covers the following

Section 1


  1. English for Tourism
  2. Boys and Girls from Ipanema
  3. Attitudes to Consumerism
  4. New Year’s Resolutions and the Start of the Year
  5. Intercultural Games
  6. People in my Diverse Community
Section 2


  1. Brazil is satisfying its fuel needs
  2. Indigenous Traditions
  3. Two Natural Wonders of Brazil
  4. Going out: the Brazilian way
  5. Forró Dance
  6. Pan American Games
Section 3


  1. Negative Etiquette
  2. Greeting Manners
  3. Musical Genres
  4. Masquerade
Section 4


  1. Social Diversity, a Cultural Contrast: Rio’s Slums
  2. Our World Heritage
  3. Environmental Issues
  4. Rhea Americana
  5. EAP Writing: to adapt or not to adapt?


  1. The Beauty and The Media
  2. Gender Issues
  3. Are the Argentine Desperate Housewives as desperate as the American ones?