The InterCultural Resource pack (ICRP) presented here is intended to be shared among the whole ELT community, for everybody to benefit from it. All of you are invited to download the entire by clicking in the image below. It would be great if you could all give us feedback on the activities in the pack as you use them.

We are interested in both “process” and “product” info, i.e. results of the activities in terms of content. It will also be of great help for all to know the adaptations you’ve made to use them in your contexts.

Our idea is to pool all these results together in each Intercultural Voices post.  

You and your students are invited to interact in the forum. It´d be wonderful to hear our intercultural voices!


“English as a Global Language” has brought some changes for the ELT context worldwide. Global issues have raised the need for people to be able to communicate effectively in English with the most diverse community of English speakers around the world. Thus, awareness of this cultural diversity and being able to work within such diversity is of vital importance for the formation of international communicators of English. As teachers of English, we need to bring this diversity into our classrooms in order to promote Intercultural Awareness among teachers and students.

The concept of Intercultural Awareness is not new and has been receiving particular attention in the ELT field worldwide. Current materials which work on these lines of study are Portfolio Series, Straightforward and People Like Us by Macmillan and Cultural Awareness, Intercultural Activities and Global Issues published by Oxford University Press. However, Latin America ELT lacks of classroom activities to deal with issues of interculturality with its own perspective. Thus, this Resource Pack contains lesson plans based on ethnographic study to promote inter and intra cultural awareness for students and teachers of English.


Awareness of self and others based on an understanding of how members of a community construct their own world accounting for competent communicators in a globalized world. The Resource Pack would promote Intercultural Competence and Awareness in the ELT classroom in Latin America, by assisting students and teachers in understanding and learning more about their own culture as they become aware of other cultures, thus, contributing to this growing strand in the ELT field locally and globally.

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