1. English for Tourism

2. Boys and Girls from Ipanema

3. Attitudes to Consumerism

4. New Year’s Resolutions and the Start of the Year

5. Intercultural Games

6. People in my Diverse Community



3 Responses to “Section 1”

  1. I have just browsed the site. It looks wonderful and very useful for us, teachers. I’ll look into it in detail and send more comentaries. I’m sending the site to some of my colleagues.
    Congrats on your work!

  2. interculturalvoices Says:

    Thank you very much for visiting and your encouraging words, Virginia. We hope this pack is useful for you, your students and colleagues.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again,

    The ICRP team

    Nahir (this time)

  3. interculturalvoices Says:


    Thanks for your feedback!! We´re happy you liked the pack! Thank you for helping us disseminate and yes, we look forward to receiving feedback from you and teachers at Learning Centre. There is a section of the forum for students as well.


    Andrea A. (from the ICRP team)

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